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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the fastest growing natural therapy in the UK and is safe and effective for people of all ages with a wide array of problems. 



The kinesiology assessment involves the client lying down fully clothed and a series of non-invasive muscle tests are carried out on different muscles around the body. Kinesiology works from the perspective that body and mind are intrinsically connected.


´What the mind represses the body expresses´


Through the muscle testing we are able to identify imbalances relating to different meridians, physical structures, mental patterns and emotions as well as nutritional needs.


By using a variety of modalities to address the specific problems, such as acupressure massage, nutritional testing, meridian tapping, aka EFT, and other techniques, kinesiology assists the body and mind into a balanced state where you are able to thrive. Lifestyle advice and exercises may also be given to assist healing to continue between sessions.

Kinesiology balances the whole person physically, emotionally, structurally and energetically and can help with conditions such as:

• Stress and anxiety

• Low energy/mood

• Pain

• Hormonal/fertility problems

• Digestive disorders

• Skin problems

and much more ...


This list is not exhaustive and you may be wondering whether Kinesiology can help you. If you require clarification or would like to discuss your symptoms with me before booking an appointment I will be happy to talk with you.