"Anna is a fantastic practitioner, I have been receiving kinesiology treatments with her for some time now. She is incredibly kind, caring, intuitive and knowledgeable. During the sessions she addresses not only my physical ailments but also the underlying emotional issues, so I always feel better on all levels afterwards. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone who has otherwise been unable to get to the bottom of any health-related issue or just in need of some TLC "

Koren Barnwell - Acupuncturist - Age 44

"I had my first kinesiology session with Anna not that long ago and would highly recommend booking in for a treatment with her. She is warm, friendly and very intuitive with how she works. I arrived feeling quite stressed and overwhelmed as well as suffering from back pain. I was amazed at how much we covered during the time and left feeling a lot lighter and calm. 

Anna is the perfect tonic to create a space that feels like it's just for you and has so many wonderful tips to just help day to day living feel so much easier.

Thank you, Anna, so much. I look forward to carrying on the work together.

Give her a call today. You won't regret it."

Martha Lock / Personal organiser and mentor - Age 32

I had an amazing first experience of Kinesiology with Anna. I went for Physio but was curious in the holistic approach of Kinesiology and it was really fantastic - releasing a lot of mind/body tension. I would highly recommend Anna's therapies!

- Sophie Forge